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Computer Revival is a locally owned and operated state of the art computer store where we buy, sell, trade, and service, new and refurbished PC’s, laptops, printers and monitors. Computer Revival has been servicing the computer needs of Tucson, Arizona since 1998. At Computer Revival we custom build computers and laptops. We offer fast, friendly, courteous on-site and in shop service on all types of computers old and new. We specialize in PC tune ups and virus removal and anti-virus installation. We also specialize in ad-ware and spy-ware prevention, and removal of those annoying pop up advertising. We do all kinds of computer upgrades from installing additional ram to upgrading hard drives and video cards on all makes and models of computers.

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We have component parts for both wired and wireless networks and we have onsite technicians available to help you with your home or small business networks at your location. We do both data backup and data recovery on failed hard drives and we can transfer your valuable data and pictures from your old failing computer to your new custom built PC or laptop. Computer Revival is where great customer service and computer solutions come together. Contact Us today and let us know how we may help you!

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At Computer Revival we are all about getting the most out of your computer and the most out of your hard earned dollar.  Plus when it is time to move on to more sophisticated electronics equipment we want to make sure we are taking care of our planet.  Almost everyone has a stockpile of old, semi functional, or totally irreparable electronics piled up in the garage, or basement or attic.  Those forgotten components need to be disposed of properly through environmentally certified recyclers so that they are not causing harm to our environment.  At Computer Revival we recycle unwanted or out of date computers and monitors by processing them with environmentally certified electronics recyclers.  So if you have an old printer, flat panel monitor, PC tower or other post peak electronics like old cell phones, or even outdated wire cables, bring it to Computer Revival and we will direct it to our recycling network for proper environmental recycling.  It is a simple win, win.  More storage space for you and a better environment for everyone.

Any way you want it... that's the way you need it.

With both on-site and in-store service and sales we are your go to solution for computer service and sales in Tucson.

Our Computer Repair Blog

Our Computer Repair Blog

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Visit us on Google, Facebook, & Yelp and see our top notch reputation. As we continue to offer service top notch service to the Tucson area. After 20 years of tried and proven practices we have become a cornerstone in computer repair known by our neighbors as friendly ambassadors to technology.