4 Legendary Computer Viruses (Part One)

If your computer is running slowly or acting strangely, it is possible that you have picked up a computer virus. Even the most innocent of computer viruses can be frustrating and annoying. At the worst, viruses can be devastating. They can steal your personal information, your identity, destroy your data, and even take control of your computer! If you have any problems with viruses, you should seek the help of a professional immediately. Today, we will begin talking about 4 legendary computer viruses.

  1. ILOVEYOU Virus

You cannot have a conversation about legendary computer viruses without firstbringing up the ILOVEYOU virus which was perhaps the most destructive virus ever unleashed upon the internet. The ILOVEYOU virus arrived in your e-mail client disguised as a friendly message. It simply read “ILOVEYOU.” Who wouldn’t want to open that? Unfortunately, the moment you opened it, you were doomed. Or at least your computer. You may have doomed everyone else on your mailing list as well because the moment you clicked on that e-mail, a copy of it was sent to your entire contact list. It then went on to make copies of itself overwriting parts of your computers registry rendering it unbootable. R.I.P. computer.

It was estimated that the ILOVEYOU virus a full 10 percent of all computers connected to the internet causing $10 billion in damages.

  1. Melissa Virus

The Melissa virus is often viewed as a predecessor to the ILOVEYOU virus. It first hit the web in 1999. Curies individuals would open an innocuous looking word document, then – BAM. Infect. Like the ILOVEYOU virus, Melissa would then propagate itself by spreading to the infected user’s top 50 e-mail contacts. It would then corrupt documents by inserting references to the popular Simpsons television show.