5 Reasons You Need a Password Manager, and How to Choose One

Did you know that there’s a hacker attack every 39 seconds and 300,000 new malware is created every day? These stats should be more than enough to scare you into upping your personal cybersecurity!

Most people would assume this entails turning on firewalls, installing good antivirus software, and keeping up with software updates to eliminate vulnerabilities. But it doesn’t just stop there!

A great tool to have in your cybercrime arsenal is a password manager.

Interested in hearing more? Here are 5 reasons why you need a password manager and how to choose one.

1. It Generates Strong Passwords That Are Hard to Guess

In the majority of hacking cases, cybercriminals will use brute force attacks. As the name suggests, the attacks are relentless and the hacker keeps trying to guess your password through different combinations of words, letters, numbers, and/or symbols. The simpler your password, the easier it is for hackers to be successful.

The best thing to do is to stay away from dictionary words. Random strings of letters, numbers, and symbols are the best for passwords.

You might have a tough time coming up with these strong passwords yourself. So leave it to a password manager, which can do this for you!

2. You Don’t Have to Remember Passwords Anymore

Even if you have simple passwords, it can be hard to remember every single one across all your accounts. And you shouldn’t be using the same password across all accounts either; they’ve got to be all unique to make it tougher for cybercriminals when they try things like brute force attacks.

So instead of racking your brain every time you need to enter a password, it’ll all be stored in the password manager. When you come across a site that needs your credentials, the password manager will autofill it for you so you don’t have to lift a finger.

3. Your Passwords Are Stored Somewhere Secure

You might be guilty of writing down your passwords on a piece of paper, Word file, or Google Document. But the truth is, all of these methods aren’t very secure. All it takes is someone looking at your paper or hacking into your accounts to find out all of your credentials.

A good password manager saves your passwords in an encrypted fashion. This basically means that they’re encoded and cannot be read unless someone has the right “key.”

4. You Can Access Your Passwords Across Devices

What’s great about password managers is that you can access your passwords across all your devices, so long as you install the program and log in. So if you’re someone who hops around from your computer to your laptop, to your tablet and smartphone, this can be huge for convenience.

You won’t have to worry about typing in your usernames and passwords manually on each device. This will save you lots of time when logging in and out of accounts.

5. It’s Affordable

You might think that a fancy program like this will cost a pretty penny. But you’d be wrong!

Reputable password managers usually have free trials so you can see if you like them. They also have free versions that have limited capabilities if your needs aren’t that great.

And if you do decide to get paid password managers, they don’t cost much at all. For instance, LastPass costs just a few dollars a month for a subscription. It’s basically like buying a coffee every month!

How to Choose a Password Manager

Now that you know all about the reasons to get a password manager, you’re probably wondering how to choose one. After all, if you’re not careful, you might end up downloading malware and needing virus removal services.

Here are some ways you can ensure that you choose a great password manager.

Look at the Big Names

Doing a Google search will give you results for the big names in the industry. You’ll want to stick to these since they’re reputable and have ironed out any kinks in their software. It’ll also be easier to find answers to any questions or problems you might run across.

Consider Your Needs

How many passwords do you need to store and how many devices do you want to use with the password manager? This matters because the majority of programs have limits to both of these factors.

You should also take a look at the programs’ features to see if they suit your needs. For example, if one has a bunch of features but you don’t really need any of them, then it’s not a really good fit.

Give the Free Trials a Go

As we’ve mentioned earlier, password managers usually have a free version or a trial period. Make sure you take full advantage of these so you can get hands-on experience.

By seeing firsthand how the programs operate, you can get a feel for which features you liked and disliked, then make a more informed decision from there.

Protect Yourself With a Robust Password Manager

As you can see, there are several compelling reasons to get a password manager. Not only can it come up with strong passwords for you, but it can also store them securely and recall them whenever you need them. There’s no need to come up with and remember passwords on your own!

So use our tips on how to choose a password manager and get yourself this program pronto. You’ll get instant peace of mind!

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