A Pirates Life Is Not for Your PC

You wouldn’t walk into a store and take whatever you please. This is considered stealing. But when you download software off the Internet, you fail to take this into account. Perhaps you feel you committed the perfect crime.  But there is no difference between stealing from a store or pirating software. It is still stealing. And what’s more it could destroy your fragile PC.

No Mercy in a Game of Thieves

In order for pirated software to be available through bit torrent channels, hackers will manipulate the software, in order for it to function without a proper license key. There might be a hidden file or spy-ware program embedded in the file. It may even be planted with a program designed to steal passwords, or bank account information. It is not worth the risk. Be cautious, for there is no mercy in a game of thieves.

Return on Investment

Sure, you may think you have serious computer skills. But if your reading this blog, chances are your skills are below par with real hackers. There’re bigger fish in the Cyber Sea just looking for a tasty minnow to snatch up. That is why it’s best to avoid the channels where pirates wait for unsuspecting victims to pounce on, and snatch up their loot.

Just Spend the Money

When it comes to software you are almost always better off shelling out the $100 it probably costs. Usually, there are rebates and discounts offered for the purchase of software. What’s more college kids almost always receive a discount for buying important software like Microsoft Office. The last thing any student needs is a computer with a malicious will, hell bent on thwarting their efforts. If you need software give us a call at Computer Revival.