Basic Computer Cleaning Tips Worth Considering

There are many reasons to keep a computer clean today including extending the useful life of this important and expensive electronic piece of equipment. In fact, dust is considered to be one of the main causes of heat generation in a computer system. Known to be a major enemy of computers, heat can result in hardware failures and other related problems. Heat can also cause a computer to experience degraded performance and may even result in computing errors.

Disconnect The System From Any Power Supply

In addition, it is always recommended to avoid placing a computer on the ground at any time. Always use a table or elevated area to set up a computer, repair a computer or work on a computer. When it is time to clean a computer it is always a good idea to disconnect the system from any power supply and disconnect any associated connectors or cables. This will prevent the chance of shock and ensure that any cleaning session is always safe and free of injury.

Use A Basic Home Vacuum Cleaner To Accomplish Similar Results

Once a computer has been completely disconnected from its power supply it is a good idea to use compressed air around all of hardware components. Avoid getting too close to computer components with compressed air because it can actually cause damage. Conversely, those who do not have access to compressed air can use a basic home vacuum cleaner to accomplish similar results. As a note it is always a good idea to avoid cleaning a computer with a damp or wet-cloth that will come in contact with vital internal components. This type of cleaning can cause corrosion, rust and other related problems.

Abrasion Or Scratches

That said, the outer surface of a computer can safely be cleaned with a slightly damp or wet cloth on occasion. When using a screen cleaning solution always use a soft rag or cloth that will not cause abrasion or scratches. Once all cleaning has been completed it is then safe to reconnect all power supply cables, connectors and other connections. Taking the time to occasionally clean a computer in the right way can extend its useful life and ultimately save computer owners money over the long term. Contact Computer Revival today to learn more about Tucson Arizona used computers and computer repair.