Basic Computer Maintenance Checklist

Your computer as a complex and expensive machine. You also probably depend on it heavily. Without it, your life would probably fall apart. When you depend on something like that, you need to keep it in great condition. Computer Revival provides this basic computer maintenance checklist for keeping your computer in the best condition possible.

  1. Bust Dust

Dust is a computers worst enemy. If it manages to get inside it could wreck major havoc. We recommend using a commercial, pressurized air cleaner to remove dust at least once a week. Make sure you clean the fan as that will be where most of the dust is present.

  1. Clean Externals

Hopefully you are never touching your monitor with your greasy, oily fingers, but it is still going to get dirty over time. Smudge will annoy you and make it difficult to see things. Clean your monitor once a week with a soft cloth and a cleaning solution.

  1. Scan for Viruses

Scanning for viruses if one of the most important aspects of computer maintenance. Viruses will destroy the performance of your computer and could even lead to larger problems such as identity theft. Make sure you are running up-to-date anti-virus software and perform a full system scan on a regular basis.

  1. Uninstall Unused Programs