Building your Computer Repair Tool Kit

As technicians from any industry will tell you before you settle down to any serious work, you need to make sure you have the rights tools for the job. If you are a plumber, you need the right wrenches, plungers, and drain snakes. If you are a carpenter, you need saws, hammers and a tape measure. Likewise, if you are computer repair technician, you need to have the right tools for the job. Computer maintenance and repair is quite unlike anything else in the world. While it bears some similarities to electrical work, there are profound differences as well.

Needle Nose Pliers w/ Cutter: This is a dynamic tool that you will find constant uses for when performing computer repairs. Whether you are removing motherboard standoffs, or reaching into an insanely tight space to loosen a screw, or cutting wire, these will come in handy.

Screwdriver Set: a set of screwdrivers is absolutely essential. Without them, you probably won’t even be able to crack the computer case. You will need a wide variety of size, including precision screwdrivers for work with laptops. It is important to avoid using magnetized screwdrivers as they could cause problems inside the computer.

Cable Testers: When diagnosing computer problems, one of the first set of things you want to eliminate as a potential problem, are the cables. With a cable tester, you can quickly tell if a cable is good, bad, or installed incorrectly.

Multi-tool: Multi-tools, sometimes referred to as Leatherman tools, are kind of like beefed up pocket knives. A multi-tool is versatile and dynamic. Capable of cutting wires, tightening screws, and a million other things, a good multi-tool will often be a repairman’s best friend.

Eternal Hard Drive: Just in case, it is important to have an external hard drive on hand. Always back up all important information on a computer before you begin repairs. Just in case.