used computer

Apr 27 2021

7 Tips for Purchasing a Used Computer

Everybody wants a shiny new computer, but not everybody can afford one. If you’re strapped for cash, you can either buy a used computer or save up for a new one. If the latter option isn’t too viable, why not buy a used computer? Used computers aren’t as bad as most people make them out…
computer repair company

Apr 13 2021

How to Choose a Reputable Computer Repair Company

The United States had close to 882,300 qualified computer specialists in the year 2019. In the next ten years, these numbers will grow by up to 8%.  As more Americans own personal computers, the demand for reliable computer repair computers will also skyrocket.  Like most other industries, growth in the demand for computer specialists is…
refurbished desktop

Mar 3 2021

10 Practical Reasons to Purchase a Refurbished Desktop Instead of a New One

When desktop computers for personal use first began rolling out in the mid to late 1970s and 1980s, it wasn’t unusual for them to cost anywhere from $6,500 to nearly $20,000. Adjusted for inflation, the latter category would cost around $88,000 today. While desktops and laptops alike can be much more affordable today, they may…
repair or replace

Feb 22 2021

Do I Need to Repair or Replace My Computer?

As if 2020 weren’t plagued enough, cybercrime rose 273% from its normal average. It’s an unfortunate consequence of every worker that typically sits behind a computer transitioning to remote work. There’s no supervision or layers of protection from the Internet that they’s have at their office.  With such a large propagation of security breaches, there…
hardware upgrades

Feb 8 2021

Computer Hardware Upgrades to Look Out for in 2021

Are you planning to upgrade your computer this 2021? 2020 caused most people to buy their own personal computers to work from home. With this, people found that using their own personalized work stations more convenient, prompting them to look for ways to upgrade them. What’s great is that the 2021 CES showcased the newest computer upgrades coming…