Computer Virus Removal

Sep 7 2021

Computer Virus Removal: Your Quick Step-by-Step Guide

Computers catch colds. Antivirus platforms can detect nearly 25 million malicious pieces of malware, including computer viruses.   Many people with home computers assume that computer viruses are directed at major companies. Yet plenty of hackers develop viruses to steal the information of common people. If you use your computer every day, you must master computer…
computer repair store

Aug 16 2021

7 Signs You Need to Visit a Computer Repair Store

The average lifespan of a laptop is around five years, with some desktops able to last even longer. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t ever experience problems in that time — that’s just the estimated lifespan until it needs to be replaced. During that five years, or however long your computer lasts, you will likely…
choosing antivirus software

Aug 2 2021

8 Factors to Consider When Choosing Antivirus Software

Every day, users of the web have to contend with 10,000 malicious files. As they become more sophisticated, it gets harder to spot their entry into your system. So how do you get protected? One way is with a comprehensive antivirus package. Read on as we discuss the factors you need to consider when choosing…
computer worm vs virus

Jul 15 2021

Computer Worm vs Virus: The Differences Explained

You feel like throwing your laptop out the window. Your blood is boiling and your brain is teeming with expletives.  The screen keeps freezing, and the performance is lagging. The pop-ups on websites are unbearable, and your battery is draining too quickly.  “What is wrong with my computer?” you wonder to yourself.  You suspect your…
computer gets hot

Jul 1 2021

Why and What to Do When Your Computer Gets Hot

Does your laptop sound like a jet plane when you’re running a video editor or game? Do you experience sudden slow down or uncalled restarts when the computer gets hot? There could be a plethora of reasons for your computer to get loud and hot. If you don’t deal with heating computer problems, your unit will break…