computer troubleshooting tips

Jul 27 2020

Amazing Computer Troubleshooting Tips For Fixing The Common Errors

In 2019, there was twice more malware invasions in Apple computers than Windows. Apple computers had an average of 11 detections, while it was only 5.8 in Windows devices. Still, the number of actual infected Windows devices exceed Apple computers. That’s because more people use the latter — in the US alone, two-thirds of computers run…
computer repair costs

Jul 13 2020

Great Tips and Expert Advice to Help You Lower Computer Repair Costs

Do you feel that the costs of computer repair are too high for your budget? Do you want to learn how you can lower computer repair costs? In light of the recent pandemic, remote working is now more important than ever. Now, students are taking their classes online. Candidates are considering remote work as a…
installing an ssd

Jun 15 2020

Here’s Why Installing an SSD Into Your Computer Is a Smart Move

In the realm of information storage, HDDs are still a thing. And that’s for good reason. As they have been tested time and time again, improved upon and made more affordable. At the same time, another option is out there. SSDs can serve the same purpose and, in many ways, can often be even better…
can you upgrade a laptop

Jun 1 2020

Can You Upgrade a Laptop? How to Extend Your Laptops Life Span

The Internet is by far the most flexible tool that’s ever existed. This is even true for the average individual who may only use it for entertainment and light research. An issue that many people encounter, though, is the degradation of their computers over time. A once-blazing fast laptop might not leave the same impression…
Computer Virus

May 13 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Removing a Computer Virus Like a Pro

More and more people are working from home than ever before because of the current pandemic, which means that computer viruses are becoming a significant problem. If your computer isn’t full-proof, then it’s only a matter of time until a virus works its way in to cause all kinds of trouble. Even the best antivirus…