dropped laptop

Jan 20 2022

Dropped Your Laptop? How to Fix and Protect It

THUD! Your laptop hits the floor and a sense of panic rushes through your body. Don’t stress just yet. Repairs from a dropped laptop can be minor enough to fix yourself while others require the help of a professional. The fate of your laptop after a fall depends on the height from which you dropped…
loud computer fan

Jan 6 2022

What Does a Loud Computer Fan Mean?

So you’re minding your own business, playing a game, browsing the web, or working online, when all of the sudden you hear that telltale noise. Your fan is whirring like mad. Your computer isn’t happy and you’re not sure what the problem is. Sure, you can keep working like this, but the sound is distracting…
types of antivirus software

Dec 15 2021

What Types of Antivirus Software Are Available Today?

More than 100,000 recognized computer viruses and almost a dozen types of malware are currently floating around the internet, waiting for an opportune moment to infect your devices. For that reason, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date on the types of antivirus software available for your computers. After all, choosing the right software for your devices…
how to make my computer run faster

Dec 1 2021

How to Make My Computer Run Faster: Seven Things to Try

Are you tired of seeing the spinning wheel of death every time you go to complete an important task on your computer? Do you fear that your slow computer is a sign of a larger issue? If so, then you’re probably wondering, “What are some tips for how to make my computer run faster?” You’re…
computer memory

Nov 16 2021

Computer Memory: A Complete Guide to Random Access Memory

No one deserves their place in computing history as much as Robert Heath Dennard. In a time when data was stored on punchcards, he envisioned a world with smaller, random accessed memory. But do you know how important his invention, RAM, is to a computer’s operation? RAM is the short-term memory for your computer, helping run programs…