phishing texts

Sep 16 2020

How to Protect Yourself From Phishing Texts, Emails, and Fake Sites

Almost 60 percent of Americans have fallen victim to fraud at some point. Fraud and identity theft also seem to be on the rise. Data breaches, scam emails, and more are putting people at more risk. How can you keep yourself safe from threats like phishing texts and emails? You can start with this helpful…
cell phone recycling

Sep 2 2020

Cell Phone Recycling: The What, Why, and How

Have you ever wondered what you should do with an old cell phone after you’ve upgraded or bought a new one? You’re not alone. Some people keep their old cell phones as backups in case the new one breaks. They tuck the phones away into the dark recesses of a closet or stash them in…
how long should a laptop last

Aug 24 2020

How Long Should a Laptop Last? A Detailed Guide

Deciding which laptop to buy can be a difficult choice, as you’re trying to balance your budget with your wants and needs. Once you finally buy it, you plan on taking excellent care of it. After all, you just got it and you want it to last! But you might also be wondering: How long should a laptop last?…
how to prevent malware

Aug 10 2020

This Is How to Prevent Malware on Your Computer

The pandemic may have slowed down many businesses but the malware business has been thriving. Big-name brands such as Garmin have been hit, and the University of California School of Medicine reportedly paid $1.14 million after a ransomware attack. Malware can have a devastating effect on both businesses and individuals, but the good news is…
computer troubleshooting tips

Jul 27 2020

Amazing Computer Troubleshooting Tips For Fixing The Common Errors

In 2019, there was twice more malware invasions in Apple computers than Windows. Apple computers had an average of 11 detections, while it was only 5.8 in Windows devices. Still, the number of actual infected Windows devices exceed Apple computers. That’s because more people use the latter — in the US alone, two-thirds of computers run…