Computer Doctors

At Computer Revival, we pride ourselves as the PC doctors of Tucson, Arizona. Virus removal is our forte, but we also buy, trade, sell, build, and repair computers. Computer Revival has been servicing Tucson, AZ for almost twenty years; Computer Revival has saved the lives of thousands of computers during that time.

Computer Revival is equipped to handle any of your PC needs, including the diagnosis of viruses, the removal of virus’ and the joy our customers feel after when they regain their computer or laptop’s health. Our Technicians are well trained and have years of experience treating virus infected computers. They prefer to think of themselves as computer doctors, on account of the thousands of computer lives saved over the years.

Generally a strong defense is the best offense, and this applies to computer repair as well. Our expert technicians have an extensive knowledge of the wide variety of anti-virus software programs out there. We can prescribe specialized anti-virus software designed to meet your needs. Our computer technicians are not unlike a doctor ordering immunizations unique to the needs of the patient. Just like a trip to India requires an immunization for Rubella, we know that a Law Firm needs a real-time protection anti-virus program. Moreover, there is very little our experienced technicians haven’t seen in the cyber world, which helps them adapt nimbly to the situation.

Doctors are required to take the Hippocratic Oath to practice medicine. A physician must pledge: “With regard to healing the sick, I will devise and order for them the best diet, according to my judgment and means; and I will take care that they suffer no hurt or damage.” We also are committed to no hurt or damage coming to our customer’s computers. If there were a Hippocratic oath for computer technicians it might read something like this : “With regard to healing sick computers, I will devise and order the appropriate ant-virus software, I will do everything within my power to alleviate suffering, and maximize happening.” To this concept our technicians are truly committed; your computers are in good hands at Computer Revival.