Custom Building Computers

People are like snowflakes, everyone is different. They all have different, needs, wants, and desires. They also all want different types of computers! Some people needs their computer just for work, some do graphic design, while others mostly just play video games. Computer Revival can custom build a computer for any need, meeting any specifications.

Desktop vs Laptop

The first decision you are going to have to make is whether you want a desktop PC or a laptop. Desktops can typically be built as more powerful machines, are easier to upgrade and maintain, and occasionally can be built at low cost if needed. They are also immobile. Think about what you are going to be using your computer for. Office computer or gaming computers may be better as desktops, while someone on the go is obviously going to need a laptop.

The All Important Insides

Here is where things are going to get a little complex. When you are custom building a computer you are going to have some decisions to make, but you likely wouldn’t be going through this process if you didn’t care! Gamers are going to need to pick out the perfect video card for their needs. Some powerful gaming PCs actually use two video cards, which means you are going to need to pick out a motherboard which can handle that. Graphic designers will also have very specific need when it comes to graphics cards. You are also going to have to pick out a power supply, RAM, a processor, and any other components you feel are important.

Warranty and Diagnostics

One of the biggest benefits of custom building a computer with Computer Revival is the two year parts and labor warranty. If anything happens to your computer in the first two years, you will be covered. They also offer free lifetime annual diagnostics on any computer they build. Come to Computer Revival today to start your journey towards custom built peace of mind.