I-Phone 6 Review

On September 9th, Apple released the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 boasts features such as bigger screen size. Screen sizes are available in a size of 4.7 inches, and 5.5 inches. The larger display was created so the I-phone could compete with Windows and Android phones. But, the screen size is not the only virtue of the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 borrowed a few design from the iPod touch and iPad. For instance, the I-phone boasts round corners, a True Tone duel-LED flash, pill shaped volume buttons, and a power button located on the top right hand of the device.

I-Phone Rumors, Myths and Facts

Some rumors were circulating that the iPhone 6 would vaunt a sapphire display. Both phone models are going to utilize better cameras than the previous iPhone model. The iPhone 6 plus also sports the Optical Image Stabilization feature, which captures more vivid photos, facilitated by the 128 GB storage device on board. The iPhone 6 plus has a higher price tag, but apple fans will certainly be satisfied by the additional features on the iPhone 6.

Virtue and Vice of the iPhone 6

The obvious advantage of the iPhone 6 is that it’s bigger. But it’s also important to note that it has a clearer display, improved camera focus, enhanced LTE and Wi-Fi speeds, and increased storage capacities of 128GB for the iPhone6 plus. Here is the vice of the new iPhone 6 model. The iPhone 6’s battery life seems to be inferior to the old model.  Overall, the iPhone 6 is a better phone, worthy of purchase for all apple fans, or those in need of a phone upgrade. If you’d like to learn more about the iPhone 6 please give us a call at Computer Revival, or come visit us in person. One of our sales rep will be happy to assist you.