Learning about Basic Computer Terms

Here at Computer Revival we are computer experts. We so immersed in the world of computers, sometimes we forget everyone doesn’t know all of the things we know! We admit, when you are talking to a computer expert, it can almost feel like they are speaking a different language. However, being able to talk about computers is almost essential in today’s day in age. There is no reason you can’t be talking tech tomorrow. All you have to do is read Computer Revival guide to basic computer terms!

Hardware: Hardware describes all of the physical parts of the actually computer. That big, rectangular box you plug everything into if you own a desktop? That is where all the hardware is located. These are all the things the make the computer work. Hardware does not include the monitor, mouse, keyboard, or other peripheral devices.

Software: When you think of software, think of apps. These are the programs that you run on the computer. There is a wide variety of software for accomplishing a huge range of tasks. There is also software that helps you run other software! Windows is a good example of this.

Operating System: Speaking of Windows! Windows is probably the most iconic operating system in the world, perhaps vying for the position with iOS. An operating system is the software that manages all other software on the computer. Without an operating system, you would turn on your computer and essential nothing would happen!

Browser: Let’s be honest, what do we use our computer for if not spending time on the Internet. Your browse is the piece of software that allows you to navigate the Internet with ease. Popular browsers include Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. The process all of the complicated things that run the Internet behind the scenes, allowing you to jump from website to website with ease.