Preserving the Battery Life of Your iPhone

Everyone loves smart phones. No doubt your first iPhone is a lifestyle change. But one complaint that almost everyone has is battery life. Nothing is worth than a red battery. The distress is compounded when that red battery appears while out on the town, or amidst a stressful business transaction. So, we at Computer Revival complied a few helpful tips to help keep your iPhone battery in the green.

Let There Be (Less) Light!

It should be no surprise to learn that a brighter screen results in a diminished battery. You can manually adjust the brightness on your mobile device by swiping up on the bottom of the screen. It should pull up an interface with a little “sun” on it. This will allow you to adjust your brightness. Also under settings, display & brightness, you can change your setting to Auto-brightness which will automatically adjust your brightness settings for you.

Investigating Apps

You can determine the amount of energy your apps use by toggling to the setting screen, visiting the slide labeled general, then usage, and then battery usage. It may surprise some to learn this, but text messaging takes up a bulk of battery life. But if you see an application that is taking up an unnecessary amount of energy, you should make sure to stop running that app in the background.

Auto Lock

Setting a device’s auto-lock setting to a shorter duration, one or two minutes, can drastically increase your battery life. The screen should darken quicker and preserve your battery. Make sure to adjust the duration setting to incorporate auto lock.