Reformatting Your Hard Drive

Have you ever want a clean start? Have you ever wanted to just start things over with a blank slate? Maybe not your entire life, but maybe just sections of your life. Perhaps you had a bad day at work, or you came down with the flue, and you want to go back to the day before. Although this is an impossibility for humans, for computers it is easily attainable!

What is Reformatting?

Your hard drive is the place in your computer where all of your information is stored. Word documents, movies, music, video games, and school projects, all live on the hard drive. Any program you have installed on your computer lives on the hard drive. Hard drives only have so much space, so it is possible for them to become full. Software and programs can also become damaged past the point of recovery. Reformatting wipes everything from your hard drive and leaves it as a blank slate.

Words of Warning

When you reformat your hard drive, you will lose everything! It is crucial to backup important files, otherwise they will disappear forever. There are many options for creating files backups, including cloud storage, CDROMS, and jump drives. You are also going to lose your operating system, which is extremely important. Without your operating system your computer will be useless. Make sure you have a backup of Windows or IOS to reinstall on your computer after reformatting.

After Reformatting

Well, now your computer is empty. Everything is gone. What is your next step? First your need to reinstall your operating system. This could take a few hours, so have patience. Next, you are going to have to reinstall all of your important programs, like word processors, and some things called ‘drivers.’ Drivers run the devices on your computer, items like video cards and network cards. They should be available on disks which came with these items. After this you can restore your backup files, and your computer will be good as new!