Regular Computer Maintenance And Cleaning Tips

Keeping a computer working its best at all times sometimes requires a little bit of maintenance. That said there are some easy and effective ways to keep your computer running at peak performance. For example, one of the easiest ways to prevent damage to hardware and software associated with viruses is to always make certain that a computer firewall is up and running correctly. Check the administrative tools on your computer to ensure that your firewall is functioning correctly.

Defragmenting A Disk

In addition, defragmenting a computer hard drive on occasion can improve performance substantially. In short, fragmentation of a hard drive results in the disk doing extra work that will ultimately slow down a computer’s performance. Defragmenting a disk is easy and intuitive and requires very little effort. Refer to your computer operation manual or simply do an online search to learn more about the specifics of defragmenting a computer hard drive. The time and effort will be well worth it in terms of improved performance and better functionality.

Ad-ware And Other Types Of System Invaders

Those with Windows based computers should consider running occasional spy-ware programs to check for ad-ware and other types of system invaders. Blocking a wide variety of third-party spy-ware type programs before they infect a computer can save time, trouble and money in the long run. As with spy-ware, running ad-ware tools on occasion will provide similar results. In many instances spy-ware and ad-ware can be checked concurrently depending on the type of application being used. Either way, keeping spy-ware, ad-ware and viruses at bay is essential today to ensuring a healthy computer environment.

Large High Definition Images

Finally, taking the time on occasion to clear out unused files such as photographs and text documents can improve computer performance and make available more memory and hard drive space. Large high definition images are particularly resource consuming and should be deleted when possible. In fact, too many large HD images can actually cause a hard drive to become overloaded to the point where a computer will not even function. Having a separate zip drive or thumb drive dedicated to photos is a much better option. Contact Computer Revivaltoday for the best in Tucson computer repair services.