Safety Strategies When Using Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

Having steadily grown in popularity in recent years, public Wi-Fi hotspots allow for accessing the Internet from virtually anywhere. However, this type of Internet access opens up many opportunities for hackers and others to steal or compromise your data. As such it is important to exercise extreme caution and take a few safety precautions when using public Wi-Fi. One way of protecting your computer when using public Wi-Fi is to always create strong passwords that are difficult to hack.

Ensure That The Firewall On Your Computer Is Always Turned On

Always use complex passwords that include special characters, letters, numbers and upper and lower case. This will greatly reduce the chances of someone compromising your computer via a Wi-Fi hotspot. Equally important is to ensure that the firewall on your computer is always turned on while on a Wi-Fi hotspot in public. Even something as simple as turning off the file and print share function on you computer can improve security while on a public Wi-Fi network.

Access Bank Accounts And Banking Information

In addition, always manage your data effectively to ensure that sensitive data is never compromised. This includes being cautious when entering information such as phone numbers, addresses, names, passwords or user codes as well as financial information while on a public Wi-Fi system. For example, it is often best to wait to access bank accounts and banking information until you are home on your own Wi-Fi system. Always have up to date and modern anti-virus software installed when using publicly connected Wi-Fi hotspots. This is another way to reduce the chances of being hacked.

Easily Compromise Your Data And Personal Information

Finally, be cautious and careful when selecting a Wi-Fi hotspot in public. In many situations hackers can create fake Wi-Fi hotspots as a way to steal your personal information. If you select a Wi-Fi hotspot that is actually a fake hotspot you could easily compromise your data and personal information. Always talk with the establishment where you are accessing Wi-Fi to ensure that you log on to the right network. In most instances public establishments will routinely change their security code so that this type of problem does not occur. Consider these simple yet important safety strategies anytime you are using public Wi-Fi hotspots. Contact Computer Revival today for the best in Tucson computer repair services.