Simple Strategies For Increasing Laptop Battery Life

Extending the available time of a laptop battery can be as simple as following a few tips and tricks. For example, there are several ways of not only extending the useful life of a laptop computer battery but of also simply making a battery last longer on a single charge. By turning off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, a laptop battery charge can be expected to last longer. Large battery draws also include multimedia games and movies.

Disconnect Any External Devices That Are Not Being Used

In short, if computer games and multimedia movies are a top priority it is best to keep the laptop plugged into an outlet. If the intent is to extend the length of time that a battery can be used it is best to avoid resource intensive activities such as gaming or streaming videos. Another effective way of extending the life of the battery used in a laptop computer is to disconnect any external devices that are not being used. This includes USB devices, optical devices and even PC card modems.

Extend Battery Time

Equally important is to consider reducing the illumination or intensity of the screen in use. A laptop screen that is on full bright can drain a battery quicker than one might expect. Simply adjust the screen brightness to a more comfortable display illumination is a way to extend battery time. Another great way to get more out of each battery charge is to adjust the power scheme on a laptop so that sleep and hibernation modes are more energy efficient. In addition, even turning off scheduled tasks can save battery power.

Extending Each Individual Charge

Finally, avoid running DVD drives or CD drives for extended lengths as this can also run down the battery quite quickly. As an added note turning off auto save features in applications like Microsoft office can also substantially increase battery performance. Along with extending each individual charge it is also recommended to remove the battery from a laptop that will not be used for more than a few weeks. This not only extends the useful life of the battery but it enables it to hold a charge better once it is recharged. Consider these simple battery basics as a way to increase laptop battery life. Contact Computer Revival today to learn more about computer repair services in Tucson Arizona.