Smart Strategies For Working Safely At Your Computer

Most people would be surprised to find that a large number of accidents and injuries occur at a desk while working on a computer. Many of these injuries are associated with repetitive actions and can sometimes be debilitating. Injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome sometimes even require surgery. One example of a good strategy for improving safety in the workplace or at home is to adjust the back of your seat so that it supports the lower lumbar.

Comfortable Distance

Equally important is to consider adjusting seat height so that the forearms will be horizontal when using a keyboard. Wrists should be kept straight and the keyboard should be placed at a comfortable distance so that it is not necessary to reach for the keyboard when typing. Leaning forward to type can cause back strain and persistent eyestrain. Getting seat position right from the very beginning can ultimately reduce back pain and other pains and injuries throughout the body.

Elevate Feet And Reduce Overall Strain

In addition, using a footrest underneath a desk when working on a computer is a smart way to eliminate leg and back pain. In fact, something as simple as a small box placed underneath a desk will help to elevate feet and reduce overall strain. A computer screen should again be placed at approximately an arms length away from an individual. The screen should also be adjusted so that the top of the screen is approximately at eye level. These simple strategies can greatly reduce eyestrain and neck strain. Using a document holder can also reduce neck and eye strain.

Staring At An Extremely Bright Screen

The brightness of a monitor should be adjusted to work in unison with the existing or surrounding environmental light conditions. For example, in a dark room the monitor brightness should be turned to the lowest level possible. Staring at an extremely bright screen in a dark room is a sure way to aggravate eyestrain. As an added note, keeping a computer screen or monitor clean can also serve to reduce strain to the eyes. Finally sitting in one position for too long is not advisable. That is why it is a good idea to take frequent breaks at least every 20 minutes to get up and stretch and walk around. Contact Computer Revival today for the best in Tucson computer repairs and used computer sales.