Tech Acronyms 101

Common people often complain that technocrats have created a language of their own to obscure the secrets of their trade. Perhaps there’s some truth to this, it has been done in the legal and medical field for centuries. But the technocrats aren’t using Latin and Greek to exclude the masses from their trade. They are coming up with a language of their own, and it is rapidly evolving.

Some Common Acronyms

МULТОЅ: this stands for “Multiple Operating System.” A MULTOS is a system that allows multiple applications to be installed and operate separately on a smart card. Each program will be isolated by an operating system, so that no application can interfere with another one.

TRON: this stands for “Real-Time Operating System Nucleus.” This is a standard operating system that can be molded to any system. The term was coined in Japan, and it is now considered industry standard jargon. There is also a Disney movie, conveniently titled Tron that deals with this acronym.

EPEAT: This means “Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool,” a ranking system which helps purchases evaluate computers based off their environmental attributes. This term is often reserved for tree hugging, computer nerds, a surprisingly common breed of people.

NUI: This means a “Natural User Interface.” A Natural User Interface is a system involving human-computer interaction, which operates by intuition. In other words, it is a computer interface that can read users mind, and execute commands at will. Obviously, a decent NUI does not yet exist. But if the past has told us anything about the future, then it seems likely that an NUI will come to fruition. Because eventually, what starts as a dream becomes a reality as time presses on.