Technology for Senior Citizens

In order to increase market share, tech companies are starting to create technology with a user interface specifically designed for senior citizens. Senior citizens enjoy staying connected to their friends and family as much as anyone else, and they want the challenge of learning to operate a new technology. However, they just need some extra help to get them there.

The Jitter Bug

Essentially, this is a $99 dollar cell phone for seniors. Designed by Samsung, this phone is equipped with large, raised buttons, designed to cater to senior citizen’s poor vision. The user interface also works on a binary system, using yes and no to facilitate easy navigation. Also, associated with the Jitter Bug is a GoPlan no-contract cellular plan that starts at $25/month.


This cleverly titled device is essentially a tablet for old people. It connects to the internet through Verizon Wireless 4G service so senior citizens don’t have to worry about dealing with wireless routers. Also the tablet comes with a free consultation with a customer service representative, trained to deal with the needs of the elderly. Lastly, everything is done through voice recognition software, so that no typing is needed.

The Telkin

Again, this is basically a device catered to old people. They tend to be confused when windows disappear, or if they are transferred to a different screen. What’s more, the Telkin Breeze is equipped with a large 18-inch screen, which tends to be easier on senior citizens eyes. Also, the Telkin Elite II is a luxury option for senior citizens because it boasts a 22-inch screen and oversized keyboard.