The Average Computer Repair Prices: What You Can Expect to Pay

It’s late at night, you’re working on a deadline, and suddenly – the screen goes black. Your heart sinks as you realize your computer has suddenly become an unusable jumble of parts.

We depend on our computers for everything – school, work, ordering products, reading the news, watching videos, and playing games. Which makes those moments when you’re getting nothing but a blank screen or a sudden error message that renders your computer useless a heart sink moment.

The next question is inevitably, “How much is this going to cost?”

How much you’ll spend on computer repair services depends largely on where you live and the problem you’re having with your computer. Keep reading to find out how much your computer repair is going to cost you.

Computer Repair Prices

A generic answer to this question is that you’ll pay $50 – $150 per hour to get your computer or laptop running again.

However, what you’ll pay in that range depends on the type of problem you have, how long it will take to fix that problem, and where you’re located. Below are some of the most common computer problems that require a computer technician’s help.

The Blue Screen of Death

You’re happily typing away on your laptop, jamming out to tunes, when suddenly – the Blue Screen of Death appears. If you’ve ever had this problem, you know the sinking feeling that accompanies it.

If your computer has suddenly gone into BSOD mode, it means an event so catastrophic has occurred that your computer was made to forcefully quit operating immediately.

The BSOD is a common issue with varying problems that can trigger it. Each has its own error message and code that will sometimes pop up with the screen, indicating what the issue is.

If you’re facing down a blue screen, your best (and sometimes only) option is to call a computer technician who will be able to run diagnostic testing to discover the issue interfering with your computer’s normal functioning.

Errors with Screen Graphics

If you’ve just booted up your laptop to find something that looks like ancient code across your screen, you’re looking at a graphical error in your computer’s operating. Graphical errors come in the form of distortion of images, random “snow” across your screen, or random color changes.

Your screen could be messed up for quite a few reasons. A graphics card on the fritz, cables that have come loose, drivers that need to be updated and miscommunication between your monitor and operating system are a few.

Sometimes a simple reboot will fix the issue, but oftentimes you’ll need to consider bringing your computer into a licensed technician who can make sense of the graphic vomit on your screen and revert it back to English.

A Blank Monitor That Doesn’t Load

If your computer simply refuses to load, you first need to determine if it’s an issue with the computer or the monitor. Try plugging the computer into a different monitor. If it loads without issue, you know your screen is where the issue is. If it fails to load on a second monitor, you know it is the computer itself that has the issue.

The reasons a computer might not load are too numerous to name and require diagnostics and testing from a computer technician. Some are simple errors that can be fixed in a few minutes, while others require more extensive repairs.

A Malware Attack

Simply put, malware is a program on your computer that doesn’t belong there. Most often, these are installed in the background without your knowledge when you click on pop-up windows or links in unfamiliar emails.

Malware runs the gamut from fairly harmless to absolutely lethal to computers. Many simply download browser extensions or extra plugins you don’t even realize are there, but each one slows down your computer and makes it run less efficiently.

In some cases, malware in the form of viruses or Trojan Horses are much worse. Some of the worst malware attacks can include situations where your personal information, like banking accounts or social security numbers, are exposed.

Checking your computer’s program list periodically can help you monitor suspicious files, but if your computer has already started malfunctioning calling a service technician who can sort through the potential issues is your quickest and easiest bet to fix the issue.

Besides fixing the immediate issue, a tech can also identify other malware that may be there and what each may have altered on your computer or exposed it to.

So How Much Will You Pay?

Fixing a computer can take anywhere from minutes to weeks. If your problem is a simple driver or software issue that can be fixed with little testing, you won’t be feeling the dent in your wallet too badly.

Sometimes parts will need to be replaced (fans, video and sound cards, motherboard, etc). If those parts are on hand it might not take too long, but if they have to be ordered in it could take longer. You won’t necessarily pay for the interim time, but it will take longer to get it back.

Certain issues require the computer to be sent away to be repaired, and this is generally where you have to spend the most. Your computer will have to be shipped away, repaired, and shipped back.

As mentioned, depending on your location, computer repair prices can be anywhere from $50 to $150 an hour. The only way to know for sure is to bring your computer down for an exam of sorts that will give you an idea of what the problem is, how long it will take to repair, whether it can be done in-house or needs to be sent away, and what the hourly rate is.

If you have questions regarding the health of your computer, call Computer Revival and let us help you today!