The Benefits of not being Mobile

Almost everything these days can be done on mobile platforms. Some people function almost entirely on their phones. They think they never need to touch a computer keyboard again. They have apps for everything! It may have been such a long time since they were last on a real-life honest-to-god computer that they have forgotten about the myriad of benefits that come with not being mobile.

The Data Dilemma

Everyone has been here before – there are two weeks left in the month, and they are already well over their data limit for their mobile plan. For the next two weeks every click, every download, every moment spent on the Internet is going to cost them. Sit down at a real computer, connected by Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi to the Internet, and you need never worry about data again. Download content to your hearts content. Let the floodgates of YouTube videos open, and bask in the never ending entertainment.

Low on life

Cellphones and mobile devices put you on a time limit for everything. Data only last so long, and battery life only last so long. Once that happy green bar goes from red to black, your mobile device becomes useless. The more you use it, the faster it dies! People are who most reliant on their mobile devices, can rely on them the least. With a good, hearty computer, plugged securely into the wall, you need never worry about running out of battery life.

Tight in Here

Mobile devices are defined by the things that constrain them. Data and power have already been holding you back, but don’t forget about storage too. The best mobile devices have a storage capacity of approximately 128 gigabytes, while the largest computer hard drives have a storage capacity of over 5 terabytes. There are 1,000 gigabytes is in terabyte. The storage capacity is not even comparable. Using a mobile device, you will run out of space. Using a computer, the storage capacity is nearly unlimited.