The Components Of A Computer

Your computer looks like a simple machine. It is a slim flat rectangle, or a small grey tower, usually trailing an assortment of power cords. Whether you have a desktop, or a laptop; whether your computer is 10 days old, or 10 years old, they are all made of the same, basic, essential parts. A few of the crucial components of a computer are a motherboard, a processor, a hard drive, and RAM.


Motherboards allow all the other components of the computer to work. The processor, the hard drive, RAM, video cards, and all other component parts connect to the motherboard. The motherboard is almost like a combination of the skeletal and nervous systems in your body. It gives all the other organs a home, and lets them communicate with each other.


To continue with the human body analogy, the processor is like the brain of the computer. Your computer has to do a lot of thinking, and all of that occurs in the processor. It performs all of the computer’s complex functions. The processor also affects the speed of your computer. The higher quality processor you have, the faster your computer will run!

Hard Drive

The hard drive is where the computer stores information. All of your important word document, your music, your movies, and your video games, are all stored on the hard drive. There are two types of hard drives, solid-state hard drives, and standard hard drives. Standard hard drives function by spinning a magnetic disk where all the information is stored. Solid-state hard drives no longer need to spin, and are thus quicker and more efficient.


RAM stands for Random Access Memory. While a hard drive is like your long-term memory, RAM is like your short-term memory. RAM is constantly in use when your computer in functioning. It will store bits of information on the RAM that I will need access to during standard use. When your computer shuts off, all information on the RAM disappears.