The Danger of Viruses

Anyone who has ever had the flue can attest to the absolute devastating effects a virus can have on the body; and the flue is one of the most minor and common breeds of virus. More dangerous strains can cause damage which will last a lifetime. The same is so for computers and computer viruses. A computer virus can damage your computer, corrupt your files, or even steal your personal information!

All Shapes and Size

Virus come in all shapes and sizes. They are extremely tricky, and will try anything to find their way onto your computer. Some common types of viruses include: trojans, key loggers, spy-ware, and ransom ware. Ransom ware attempts to hijack your computer, keeping you from using it, unless you pay a specific ransom amount to a carefully protect source. Spy-ware does exactly what its name suggest, spies on your computer activities. Hackers general use spy-ware to steal identification information. Key loggers contribute to identity theft. They remember what you type into your computer and send the information away to a hacker. This is how they get your passwords. Trojans help other viruses piggyback onto your computer. A Trojan virus is a gateway for total virus inundation.

Protecting your Computer

The first step in your protection is to acquire anti-virus software. Anti-viruses attempt to create a wall between your computer and potentially harmful viruses. If a virus does manage to slip past this wall, anti-virus programs can scan your computer, and hopefully remove the virus. Keep you ant-virus software up to date, as new virus are appearing all of the time. Some virus even target your anti-virus software in an attempt to shut it down. If this does happen you may have to contact a computer professional. The technicians at Computer Revival are experts are removing viruses, and protecting your computers. If your machine is sick, bring it in today!