The Symptoms of a Faulty Graphics Card

Is your laptop or desktop low on speed? Is it malfunctioning and you can’t point out the cause? Laptops and desktops may have a number of issues within the different parts that cause the malfunction. It is only through checking the different parts that you can determine the cause of the problems.

In most cases, the graphics card of the computer may be the issue especially when the malfunction is visible on the screen. The graphics card controls what appears on the screen of the computer. How do I know if my graphics card is faulty?

Though complex, we’ve compiled a list of five visual symptoms to help you determine how to proceed.

Does Your Computer Have Loud Fan Noise?

Every computer, whether a desktop or a laptop has a fan in it majorly for cooling the moving parts in the computer. The graphics card also has a fan that caters to it. There is a standard level of noise that comes from the fans. A tolerable amount of the noise doesn’t indicate any problems.

However, when the noises from the fans are too loud, then there’s definitely something wrong with the computer. When the fan that services the graphics cards is the one bearing all the loud noise, then it’s a guarantee that the graphics card is not in good shape.

The extra loud noise from the fan indicates that the graphics card is overheating. Overheating of the graphics card is not a good sign hence shouldn’t happen. A short term solution to this problem would be to stop the tasks you currently are doing with the computer.

After closing all the tasks, you can try cleaning the graphics cards to the best of your ability. When the noise still persists even after attempts of cleaning the graphics card, then the problem might be internal. Such a problem might be severe. You should consider taking your computer to a technician before the problem gets worse.

Has Your Screen Ever Turned Blue?

Under many occasions, you hear statements such as “My graphics card has a problem”. Most of the time its from people with some knowledge of computer hardware and software. You find yourself wondering how these people have the ability to tell what parts of their computers have problems.

The reality is that they are not superheroes. The only difference between you and them is that they know the signs of different malfunctions. Curious minds would ask and the answer would be that computers have a blue screen. All the computer experts agree that a blue screen is a sign that the graphics card has a problem.

A computer having a blue screen does not only mean that the graphics card is faulty. It is an indication of a number of problems. Some of these other problems may be that the random access memory is faulty or that the hard drives have an issue.

However, to be sure that the problem lies with the graphics card, try doing graphics intensive task. If the blue screen persists, then definitely the graphics card is wearing out. It needs immediate replacement. There are other alternative solutions that are not yet fully proven.

Do You Experience Screen Glitches While Using Your Computer?

Many at times, you may see funny colors on your computer screen while playing games, watching a movie or any other things applicable to a computer. You keep wondering what might cause that. The first thing that everyone does, especially those without computer hardware knowledge, is to restart the computer.

The colors are likely to disappear after restarting the computer. However, this is not the ultimate solution. The colors will keep appearing from time to time. The persistence of the appearance of these glitches is a clear sign that the graphics card has an issue and need immediate attention.

The best possible solution is having an expert determine whether the suspicions are true. If they are true, it is wise to replace the graphics card as soon as possible. Or else, you can consult technicians on alternative solutions to your problem that are available.

Do you want to risk losing valuable information from your computer just because the graphics card is faulty? It is not worth the risk. Seek assistance as soon as possible.

The Presence of Artifacts on Your Screen

At times, while busy working on your computer, you might see artifacts appearing on the screen You can’t tell what warranted the appearance of such artifacts but you are sure that they are a new thing. You keep wondering whether your computer has a problem. The first thing that comes into mind is that you should restart your machine.

After rebooting, the artifacts disappear but yet again reappear after some time. This eats you up since you don’t know what the problem could be. Well, the answer to your problem might be easier than imagined. The appearance of artifacts is an indication that either the computer has a lot of dust build up, is overheating or has a faulty graphics card.

Under most occasions, the graphics card is always the issue. When these artifacts keep appearing, be sure to see your technician for replacement of your graphics card. Tucson Computer Repair is a good option if you don’t have any specific technician in mind.

Does Your Computer Screen Freeze?

Computer screen freezing is a normal encounter for many of the computer users. However, when such events happen, the assumption is that the freezing results from overusing the computer. The probable solution would, therefore, be switching off for some time to let it “cool”.

Little do most of you know that such an encounter is a clear indication that the graphics card has a problem. It is a clear indication that the graphics card is wearing out. Once or twice I had the same experience. Luckily I knew the probable cause, hence I could tell that my graphics card was a miss.

The next time you witness that your screen freezes, consider replacing your graphics card.

Does the Statement “My Graphics Card Has an Issue” Now Make Sense?

The statement “my graphics card has an issue” should make sense to you after explaining the different indications of a faulty graphics card. In the days to come, you will not float in conversations that relate to graphics card having issues. Feel enlightened and please share the knowledge!

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