The Ultimate Guide to Laptop Water Damage Repair

Breathe in. One. Two. Three. 

You’ve just spilt liquid on your laptop and justifiably, you may be freaking out.

Don’t worry. We can help. 

Thankfully, there are some simple steps for laptop water damage repair. If you take the right action without leaving it too late, your precious photos, messages, movies and memes can be recovered!

Water damage is not the end of your laptop. Follow these steps and let’s recover your data!

First Things First, Shut That Baby Down!

You’ve taken the right step to do your research. Next, if you haven’t already, turn your laptop off. The last thing you want is to mix electricity with liquid.

Whilst risks are fairly low when dealing with water damage repair for a laptop, electricity and water mixed together can be threatening, so shut down the electricity!

Mitigate further damage and possible hazards by shutting down your laptop after spilling water on it.

*IMPORTANT Don’t turn your laptop back on before following the subsequent steps! This can cause more damage and ignite a dodgy circuit, putting your files and hardware at risk.  

Remove Detachable Items From Your Laptop

The next step after shutting down your laptop is to remove all possible detachable items connected to the device. 

Such items include the mouse, keyboard, printers and most importantly the battery. 

Yes, battery is in bold for a reason. That’s because it’s important. 

The battery is at high risk of liquid damage from spilled water, coffee, or whatever floats your boat. If possible, it’s important to remove the battery safely from the laptop and place in it a dry area.

This is not only because the battery is sensitive (not in a ‘awww how cute’ way), but also because there could be excess liquid harbored around the battery socket. 

A compromised laptop battery can be a ticking time bomb. Literally. 

So don’t risk it, when addressing laptop water damage, safely remove the battery once you’ve shut down the power. 

Whilst the battery is the highest priority in items to remove, its also important to detach any other possible items. The mouse, keyboard, printers, etc can also become damaged by the spilt water, or could also be harboring excess liquid. 

So remove them too. 

Dry The Areas Of The Laptop Water Damage, But Be Careful

Okay, now you can get to the part most people think is the first step: actually drying the thing. 

Once you’ve shut down the device and removed all detachable items, begin to pat dry the device. Only pat dry to avoid causing damage to any intricate parts of the laptop.

*IMPORTANT: Never use any cloths containing lint. This can cause further damage to your device and make things even worse. A good tip for drying small, hard to get to areas is to use cotton earbuds. 

Another important rule is to never use forced hot air from machines like a hair-dryer. The heat can cause damage to the laptop. If you really want to use compressed air then make sure its low it’s low pressure, not hot and won’t cause further damage to your device. 

Dry your water damaged laptop, but do it safely!

Make a Tent Out Of Your Laptop

We all love camping right? Well good news, laptop water damage repair involves setting up a tent, but without the hardships of trying to fit it back into the tent bag at the end. 

Once your laptop is shutdown, you’ve removed the battery and all other detachable items and you’ve pat dried the device with a safe cloth or earbud, stand the device in a ‘V’ shape like a tent. This means the laptop will stand upside down and the screen and keyboard will face the ground. 

Beautiful right? But don’t go rushing to get the marshmallows just yet! 

Underneath the laptop, place a towel or cloth to absorb moisture or dripping liquid. It’s likely that the pat dry didn’t cover everything. 

It’s important that you leave the laptop to dry in a warm, interior area. Never leave the laptop outside, where it may be in risk of damage from the almighty elements. Otherwise, back to step one again…

Make sure that your laptop also isn’t left in the sun. The sun can cause damage to the device and whilst it may seem like a good idea to quicken to drying process, don’t risk it. 

Leave the ‘tent’ set up for 24 hours. Whilst we know, this is a long time to go without your laptop, it’s important to wait for all the water damage to dry. If you don’t wait long enough, you could risk causing another circuit once you restart the device, causing even more water damage.

Finally, Let’s Test Our Laptop Water Damage Repair

After you’ve followed all the above steps and you’re satisfied you’ve waited long enough for the moisture to dry, it’s time to crack out the marshmallows.

Plug back in your battery and detachable devices and turn back on the laptop. 

If all goes to plan, your laptop should be back up and running as it was prior to the water damage.

If not, don’t worry. It’s not the end of the road.

Let The Professionals Repair Your Laptop Water Damage

There are further steps to recovering your files and repairing your laptop

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Follow the steps discussed in this article to try salvage your water damaged laptop, but if the device is still faulty, get in contact with us!