Tips For Avoiding Computer Related Viruses

Few people or businesses would thrive today without computers and the Internet. That is why it is so important to consider ways of avoiding computer related viruses. Because of the incredible levels of connectedness that are standard today the risk of infection by an Internet borne virus or malware is considerable. Ultimately, machines that have become infected with viruses can lose important data while other serious concerns may arise such as identity theft. This is always in the forefront.

Confirm This Action

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of avoiding viruses online is to browse safely. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this goal is to avoid clicking on pop-ups, banner ads and other types of advertisements or clickable items that appear unexpectedly in a browser window. Equally important is to make certain that the browser being used is configured in such a way that it will not run files or download anything automatically unless the user is specifically asked to confirm this action. This is an effective way of avoiding an infection.

A Trusted Source

Many pop-ups and banner ads that appear in a browser are intended to install ad-ware on a machine once they have been clicked upon. Computer owners should exercise extreme caution and simply avoid clicking on pop-ups and banners unless it is absolutely certain that a pop-up or banner is a trusted source. As an added note, computer owner should avoid clicking the “X” to close a banner ad or pop-up window. This can sometimes lead to a multitude of pop-ups appearing in a very short period of time.

Clearing The Cache On A Regular Basis

A better way to eliminate a pop-up or banner ad is to use the task manager to eliminate these nuisance items. Most browsers today have the option to configure for blocking pop-up ads and banner ads. Computer owners should take advantage of this simple and effective strategy to eliminate the possibility of becoming infected with a virus. Finally, clearing the cache on a regular basis can help to eliminate pop-up ads and mal-ware that may have been surreptitiously installed. As an added note, browser developers recommend that computer owners update their browsers with all new software updates when they become available. Consider these simple strategies to reduce the chances of contracting an Internet borne infection. Contact Computer Revival today for Tucson computer repairs.