To Buy or not to Buy… that Is the Question

Students everywhere are faced with the same decision each year, is it time to replace my laptop? This blog will help students make this difficult decision. But, if you turn on your PC and picture of a midget making an obscene gesture pops up sporadically on the page, then you need a new PC.

Looking Back

We recommend looking at the computer’s performance in the past.  Has it been like a faithful companion or a leach of a friend?  If your computer’s been unreliable, it makes little sense to repair it.  But if the computer has performed in the past, it may be worth the expense of repair.  Also, keep in mind the price of the PC. If you have a 400 dollar clunker, then you might want to consider upgrading to a new PC for the school year.

Age Does Matter

If the computer exceeds 6 years of age, then it’s not worth repairing. Age is factor because computers develop baggage after long periods of use.  The less a computer is utilized, the brighter its future looks. Time also deteriorates hardware as well.  Computer parts are susceptible to oxidization, corrosion, and temperature changes. They are not unlike human beings.

It’s All Relative

Ask yourself if your computer is a good fit. Are you often on the go, in need of a lightweight PC? Perhaps your major requires you to stream videos. If so you will want a lot of ram and hard drive storage. Form, durability, battery life, processing power and memory are also important components to consider as well.  This can only be decided on a case by case basis. But if you reach out to us at Computer Revival in Tucson, AZ.