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buying a used laptop

Feb 28 2020

Buying a Used Laptop: This is How to Test the Computer’s Health

Do you want to learn how to check computer health before you buy one? Research has found that 66% of Americans own at least two digital devices. After smartphones, laptops are the second-most common device people use. If you’re on a budget, buying a used laptop is a great way to make the most out…
computer problems

Feb 14 2020

Are Your Computer Problems Caused by Hardware or Software?

Over half of computer owners says they run into computer problems at least once a year. While technology’s brought us amazing innovations, the reality is, computers are still something that poses many issues because of their intricate parts. If you’re having computer problems, then you’ll want to know if they’re caused by your hardware or…
when is it time to buy a new computer

Jan 31 2020

When Is It Time to Buy a New Computer? Here’s How to Tell

Out of all the households in the United States, 75% have computers.  They help us in our daily lives, and many use them for work, pleasure, and recreation. Modern computers are lightweight, small and can do an amazing number of things. When is it time to buy a new computer? This is a question that…
what to do after buying a used computer

Jan 17 2020

Used Computer Warning: What To Do After Buying a Used Computer

If you’re considering purchasing a new computer, opting for a used one is a smart way to go. Not only are used computers easier on your wallet and better for the environment, but they’re a smart decision to make if you know exactly what kind of computer you need. For instance, if you plan on…
computer revival

Jan 3 2020

Computer Revival: How to Bring Your Computer Back from the Dead

Is your computer refusing to turn on after giving no indication that anything was wrong with it previously? It may be possible to bring your computer back from the dead because it’s not dead to begin with! Read on for our top computer revival tips – you may find that the problem is simple and,…