Ways of Staying Safe When Using A Public Computer

Today more than ever before people are turning to public computers in libraries and Internet cafés in order to access personal or private information. That said it is important to always exercise extreme caution any time you access any type of information or even email online in a public setting. For example, one way to reduce the chances of compromising your personal data is to consider using some type of portable software or live CD.

Delete Any Files That You Download

Even thumb drives are a popular option today in this regard. This is important because it can help to ensure greater levels of protection when sharing a common computer. Equally important is to always remember to delete any files that you download when using a common shared computer system. Leaving files unattended or on a hard drive on a public computer can spell disaster. This can make it easy for others to access your personal or private information.

Prevent Your Information From Being Compromised

Another smart strategy for keeping your information private when sharing a computer is to consider using an on-screen keyboard rather than a physical keyboard to enter password information. There are many types of programs available today they can actually track keyboard strokes. When using an on-screen keyboard this problem is eliminated. There are a number of programs available online today that can be downloaded for free that can prevent your information from being compromised when entering sensitive information on a shared computer. In addition, those using public computers should get into the habit of always clearing the web browser history.

Avoid Making Purchases Online

This can prevent others from seeing where you have been surfing online. Another good reason to always clear web browser history is that it will remove temporary Internet files that may indeed be storing password information. Finally, always remember to log out from your email account and other accounts when using a public or shared computer system. As an added note, it is best to avoid making purchases online while using a public computer. Consider these simple yet important strategies as a way to ensure your personal and private information is never compromised when using a public computer. Contact Computer Revival today to learn more about reliable, dependable and trusted computer repair services in Tucson Arizona.