What To Do About A Cracked Laptop Screen

Did you know the average lifespan of a laptop is three to five years? Some may last longer than five years, but you want to make sure you’re keeping up with maintenance and take care of the hardware and screen.

A cracked laptop screen can cut the life of your laptop short, but there are steps you can take before you buy a new one. Keep reading and we will walk you through what you should do with your cracked laptop screen.

Where to Start

Were you in the middle of a college essay or a big work deadline and you drop your laptop and the screen cracks? It feels like the end of the world, especially if you are getting close to your due date and there’s a lot at stake.

Though this isn’t ideal, there are ways you can get it fixed. It may not be immediate, but you should be able to get your work back.

You can start by getting an external monitor and see if you can pull your work back up. This is a quick fix, but it will tell you if the screen is the only damaged part of your laptop.

If other parts of your laptop are damaged, it won’t be a quick fix. There is more you will need to do to get it repaired and the more complex it can be to fix.

Laptop screens are the most delicate part of the system. If you crack it, you need to make sure you follow the below steps to try to get everything back up and running.

1. Troubleshoot the Damage

You should check to see if pixels are damaged because that could mean the damage is only in one part of the screen. If the images are faint, there could be an issue with the backlight.

If the screen is just solid white, there could be an issue between the screen and board. In all of these cases, it’s good to know if there are other issues because there might be more required than replacing the screen.

You don’t want to create further issues if other parts of your laptop are damaged. Computer Revival is here to help you with any computer repair issues, check out our computer repair services.

2. Buy A New Screen

If you assess the damage and the issue is just the cracked screen, you will need to get a new laptop screen. You need to take into consideration the type and model of your laptop so you can find a screen that fits.

3. Reboot

Before you work on the screen or replace it, you need to turn off your laptop. You also need to make sure any chargers or extra extension cords are unplugged.

Lastly, you need to take out and detach the battery. While you’re working with wire in the computer, you want to be very careful.

4. Grab Your Screwdriver

Next, you need to start to take off the screen. You need to do this by disconnecting the screen from the board. If you start the process and feel like more is breaking or falling apart, pause and call a computer expert.

Most screens are attached by four to six screws. So, you need to use a screwdriver to loosen the screws and carefully take your broken screen with the cable connecting it to your board and place it on a safe surface.

5. Replace With a New Screen

If you are able to pop out the screen successfully, you can replace and pop in the new screen. If there are any steps that you don’t think you can do or if other issues arise, contact Computer Revival.

Our experts will walk you through what you need to do and answer any questions you may have. While everyone is working from home, having a working laptop is key.

Turn Trash Into Treasure

Once you replace your broken laptop screen, you can see if any of your cracked laptop screen can be used or repaired. If you’re able to get it repaired, you can sell it.

This isn’t necessary unless you think it’s possible or talk to a computer expert. You can also take the screen and get creative.

You could create a touchscreen tablet or see if there are other uses for the screen that you might need or could give as a gift.

If your laptop has other broken parts, you take everything apart and try to sell or use the other parts for different purposes. The different parts of your laptop are valuable from the screen to the hard drive to the keyboard.

Whether you have a cracked screen or more computer issues, you can turn it into something worthwhile and something else someone might need or use to fix their laptop.

What to Do With a Cracked Laptop Screen

Don’t let a cracked laptop screen discourage you. Now you know the steps you need to take to tell how damaged your laptop is if you break the screen.

In some cases if you assess the damage and if the hardware is working, you can replace the screen. There are ways you can do this yourself, but you may need to troubleshoot.

Computer Revival is here to help you with all of your computer repair needs. Contact us with questions about your cracked laptop screen.