Why Is My Computer So Slow? The Complete Guide

Are you wondering, why is my computer so slow?

Browsing the internet is one of our favorite past time and technology has made this possible. With over 8 million apps to choose from, we can’t run out of things to do. This benefits us because of the pandemic we are to stay home until is safe to go out again.

What we don’t like though as we browse is a slow computer. There are many reasons our computer is running slow. Don’t worry, this is the complete guide to help you understand what is slowing down your computer.

These are the things you need to know about slow computers. Read on what we have below and learn more.

1. Too Many Open Programs

Every time we experience a delay while doing our activities on the computer we ask, why is my computer so slow? Let’s admit that nobody likes delay and slow functioning computers.

Your computer is slow because you have opened too many programs. This means that your computer does not have enough memory for use. This is observable especially when opening editing software’s combined with video extensive programs.

What can you do when your computer is running slow? You can shut down or quit any programs you aren’t using, restarting your computer is also an option. Doing this will refresh your computer and improve your browsing activity.

2. Too Many Open Browser Tabs

Google is the top search engine in the world and it dominates the search engine market. This means that most of the time we use it to browse the internet and visit many online platforms. However, did you know that it causes why your computer is running slow?

Aside from being the top search engine, it also the top consumer of your computer memory. If you have many browser tabs open that also contributes to your computer working slow.

We love visiting many websites and keep them open with other websites. Often, we do this to keep us entertained since with the pandemic, we spend most of our time at home. However, this prevents our computer from making a seamless switch between programs possible.

To resolve this, close some of the browser tabs you aren’t using. This lessens memory consumption and improves your browsing experience. There are some websites you want to visit later don’t worry save it on your bookmark and visit them later.

3. Maxed Out Storage Space

There are different ways the computer store and uses memory. The first one involved memory used for storing your files such as music, videos, and photos. Every time you download or save these files it consumes storage on your computer.

The surprise is, if your storage is too full, it affects your computer performance. Freeing up some space will help your computer and speed up some of its performance. If you don’t want to delete your files, save them in your cloud so the file stays accessible.

The second type of memory is about processing memory. Processing memory determines your computer’s processing speed and ability to multitask. After all, it’s possible for our computer to run many programs at once. However, if the memory and processing can’t keep up, a seamless switch is not possible.

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4. Unnecessary Software Overload

There are many programs and applications pre-installed on your computer. It comes with automatic updates that take up valuable storage space. They interfere with normal functions when the automatic installers turn active.

These unused programs and applications stay active in your computer for updates. They stay active in your computer taking up space regardless of use or not. You can see the updates of these programs by running the task manager on your computer.

Don’t worry, you can resolve this by using the task manager. You can close the program when it runs in the background so it doesn’t use memory. You may also uninstall the application on your computer by doing it in your settings.

5. Start-Up Applications

This is similar to pre-installed applications and programs mentioned above. They come with automatic updates and load when starting your computer. These programs can cause delays and slow down when starting your computer.

An example of these programs is Steam, Skype, and the chat software Discord. The delay they cause is short, but it contributes to why your computer is running slow. You can resolve this in your app’s settings to prevent them from opening on start-up.

6. Why Is My Computer So Slow? Viruses

Your computer may have a virus lurking in it. A computer virus’s aim is to collect information on the user’s account. Hackers use this to collect information about users and use it for phishing and scam emails.

Viruses enter your computer through malware and they slow down your computer. What they do is collect information on you by hogging processing memory, in turn, slow down your computer. Having reliable anti-virus software on your computer fixes this.

It prevents malware on your computer and helps improve your browsing experience.
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