You Can Buy Expensive Laptops On A Budget: Here’s How

The laptop has been a staple for computer users for years. The first laptop computer dates back to 1982. Even in the days of mobile phone and tablet use, many people still own and use a laptop. Unfortunately, laptops can be expensive.

While most users can expect to throw down a few hundred bucks on a new laptop, those with added interests such as gaming will want to invest in a more powerful laptop. The highest quality laptops usually cost at least a grand.

Can’t afford expensive laptops? Don’t worry — there are ways to buy a high-quality laptop on a budget.

Compare Models and Prices

There are a myriad of laptop manufacturers and all offer similar laptops at different prices. It’s worth doing a little bit of research to find the best laptop for the price.

Some brands may even offer bundles. For example, let’s say you’re buying a laptop for gaming. Some brands may include an accessory such as a game controller.

In addition, different stores will sell laptops at different prices. Shop around and see if any stores are hosting any special deals.

However, always buy your laptop from a trustworthy store. The last thing you want is to receive your laptop, only to find it damaged.

Know What You Need

You should only settle for the laptop you need — even if you require a more advanced laptop.

What if you require a bare minimum laptop? Don’t think it’s better to buy an expensive one.

Expensive laptops typically have stronger hardware, but you don’t always need the fastest and most powerful laptop. There are plenty of fairly priced laptops that perform very well.

If you’re not sure what to look for, most people will appreciate a laptop with:

  • Decent RAM size
  • A good processor
  • Plenty of internal storage

These factors indicate a laptop that performs well and fast. If this is all you need, you should be able to find an affordable laptop (or at least one in your budget).

Those who require an advanced laptop typically have a specific interest or niche. For example, video editors and audio engineers need larger RAM sizes and better processors to support their craft.

However, it’s best to research integral aspects of the laptop (such as any program requirements) and use this information to select a laptop, rather than researching trendy laptops.

By knowing what you need, you can find the best deal on a powerful laptop.

Check Sales

If you can hold off buying a laptop until Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you can find some extraordinary deals on powerful laptops.

There are also little-known sales periods that offer equally amazing deals. The best example is the back-to-school season, specifically the months of July and August.

Can’t find a reliable store with laptop sales? Search for coupons. Well-known stores such as Best Buy regularly release coupons. Even if you can only find a coupon for 10% or 20% off, you will save more than you would expect.

Buy Refurbished

refurbished laptop is one that has been repaired.

The manufacturer or another third-party will then sell it off after it’s in working order. Refurbished laptops often work as good as they did in their brand new state and you can save a significant amount of money.

You should still be aware when buying a refurbished laptop. If the laptop wasn’t repaired effectively, you can run into problems quickly. See if you can get an extended warranty.

Don’t Jump to Brand New Models

When you need a laptop, you may think you need the latest and greatest model, right? Not exactly. Older models are still powerful. The technology used in newer models doesn’t mean the computers are any better.

What’s another reason to settle with an older model? They’re significantly cheaper than their newer counterparts.

It’s still best to research before purchasing anything. Many brand new models are faster, have improved graphics, and generally perform better than the older models.

But if a laptop’s previous year’s release (or even the one before that) is equally as powerful, you might as well buy the cheaper yet slightly older model.

Don’t Settle for the Bells and Whistles

One of the most common ways manufacturers entice you to buy an expensive product is by promoting the fun features that come with their product.

For example, expensive laptop manufacturers will boast about the amazing screen resolution, such as 4K or 1080p. These screens are ideal for photographers and designers who require near-perfect resolution for their craft.

If you’re just a casual user, this is something you can give up in exchange for a cheaper-priced laptop. As long as you look for other qualities such as RAM size and processor speeds, you can ensure your laptop will at least perform well.

Choose PC Over Mac

The Apple vs. PC debate will ring on forever. But in the price category, PC reigns.

For one, Macs aren’t always more expensive than PCs. It depends on factors such as the model and the year.

But you usually get what you’re paying for when you buy a Mac. Mac has a myriad of security benefits and many core programs come with Macs (unlike PCs where you need a subscription to use Windows products).

However, if the price is your biggest concern, choose a PC. Most PCs can do whatever a Mac can do. If you need an advanced laptop, you can easily find a comparable PC.

Buy Expensive Laptops at a Better Price

If you’re investing in a laptop, you need to ensure you’re buying a high-quality product. However, price doesn’t always dictate quality. There are ways to buy expensive laptops at a lower price.

Start by researching different sales and stores. You can also research the specs you need to see if you can find a comparable laptop at a cheaper price.

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